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Remembrance of Things Past
Model: Mario Gotoh

installation, mixed media (120 Polaroid pictures, NYC subway map, chair), 6'x6'x6'

Memories of my first year in NYC organized as a photographic record of subway station entrance lights

I kept a photographic record of all the subway stations I passed through during my first year in New York City. I would take a picture of a subway entrance lamp, record the name of the station, and leave. No longer merely a means for transportation, the vast network of train lines became a way of organizing my memories.

I took 120 Polaroid pictures from the stations I went through and I arranged the pictures inside a box.

The top of the box was a subway map, where I marked each station in the photographs.

The audience can open the box, sit on the chair and listen to me singing "I'm so lonesome I could cry" (by Hank Williams).

The Polaroid photographs have been placed at such a distance, that the viewer can see all the details, when sitting inside the box.

In my second installation of this project, I added a virtual black spotlight focusing on the piece, playing with the personal nature of the work.

Lawrence Alloway Gallery, Stony Brook, NY

Gallery Korea, NY, NY