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No Bridge Travels from Man to Man

installation, mixed media (spandex fabric, frames), 13.1ftX11.2ft;

"No Bridge Travels from Man to Man"* is a phrase I read in a novel. My work didn't originate from this phrase; my project, almost half-finished by then, seemed to contradict the idea: I created the bridges and the complicated tunnels between Man and Man visually. Numerous relationships that spread out like a spider web in our mind, countless "I"s and "You"s, while the moments pile up... For me, there is no contradiction though. The sheer number of our relationships and their fragile, sometimes hollow, nature only emphasize that idea. There is no bridge, no solid path made of bricks that one can walk to get to somebody else's side. The network constantly extends and touches more people, but every "I" in it is still left alone.

When I see old paintings, I am often attracted to the frames; I look at them as objects by themselves. Each frame in this project is a blank portrait that is transformed into a symbol. The flat surface of each portrait crosses into 3d space and connects with another, forming visual relationships, evoking fragile feelings and a meditative mood using spandex fabric dyed in soft colors.

*Natsume Soseki, "The Wayfarer", p.337, Moonji Publishing

Artspace Hue, Seoul, Korea