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interactive installation, mixed media (yarn, metal bars, concrete, and soil), 3ftX3ftX6ft

Abandoned urban spaces, where the constant development seems to have failed temporarily, interest me. Construction and nature coexist, creating a beauty easy to ignore. I want to embrace such ruins with materials of character opposite to the concrete and steel left on site. In this project 'Loop', I chose yarn, implying warm feelings, continuation and longevity. I built symbolic ruins with metal bars coming out of a patch of earth. I walked around them, tying them together with the yarn, in a repetitive process that took time and patience and was pivotal to the project. I invited members of the audience to participate in the process as well, by wrapping the metal bars in colorful yarn. I want to suggest this repeating, Sisyphean action as city life.

Korean Cultural Center, Washington, DC 2014

Art Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Florida 2014

SAC Gallery, Stony Brook, NY 2013